10 minutes that can transform a president… or any leader

Let’s say you’re an NGO who wants to help an African country. You could spend millions of dollars building some schools or orphanages to help thousands of kids. You could spend millions on hospitals and health clinics to help thousands of adults, and children. But compared to the suffering and the problems in the whole country, your task may seem insurmountable.

Let me suggest a different option:
Find the people who have the most impact on the country (e.g. the president, other senior leaders, or maybe a rebel leader who is causing a lot of problems for the country).and change how they think.

One of the most important things that can be done to help anyone is to have them identify what they are truly seeking… at the deepest level… and to then help them focus on achieving this.

This sounds obvious and trite. Yet 99% of people fail to focus on what they are really after.

It is said that

“When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s easy to forget that the initial objective was to drain the swamp”

And in a similar way, virtually everyone loses their primary focus and gets caught up with secondary elements:

  1. Parents may lose sight of their desire to help their daughters and sons be as happy and loving and fulfilled as possible, and instead focus on them being obedient, getting married, and having a steady job.
  2. Managers may realise that their performance is far greater when they are empowered and inspired, yet spend little time empowering their staff.
    They may realise that the biggest obstacle to their success is the performance of their staff and managers, yet invest a miniscule percentage (of the potential loss or gain) on developing their staff. And they may spend millions on improving the company’s production capacity, yet overlook training that could yield significantly greater return on funds.
  3. Christians may focus on things like opposing homosexuality, abortion, Atheists, Muslims, premarital sex etc. and forget that Christ said nothing about these factors, yet his primary teachings and examples were focused on being loving, understanding, and putting yourself in the shoes of others rather than judging them.
  4. People may recognise that happiness is more important than money—yet spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning to make more money (e.g. by doing a degree), yet not even do one single weekend course on how to be happier.
  5. Freedom fighters will risk their lives fighting for their countrymen (and women) to have self-determination and real democracy, yet once in power will frequently succumb to corruption and some level of oppression and dictatorial rule.

An expert in One on One Leadership Development can easily help people to identify the gaps between their true purpose and their current focus – and to redirect their focus and their commitment to what they truly want.

Ideally, a leader will be prepared to spend a number of days developing their leadership capacity and improving their results and success by working with an expert.
But even if a president, CEO, or other senior leader has no more than 10 minutes to spare, if they are open to growing and developing, this may be all that is needed to create a significant change.

 - Tony Lenart  

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P.S. The work of an expert in One on One Leadership Development only starts with identifying the gaps between people’s true purpose and their current focus. The real expertise is in the trainer’s capacity to actually transform the thinking, attitudes and approach of the leader in a deep (rather than merely theoretical) way such that they do actually change their focus and their actions.