10 “easy” ways to help a general, a president, or a rebel leader to reduce conflict

… Some easy things a master transformational trainer can do to help a country to end wars and conflicts.

It’s possible for a master transformation trainer to sit down with a general, a president, or a rebel leader, and help them transform their thinking, attitudes and approach, in a way that will help them to be far more successful in realising their underlying goals and aspirations—while at the same time helping them develop the capacity, thinking, attitudes and approach that will help them to end any conflicts they are experiencing (whether it be a war or simply arguments amongst their staff).

A master trainer can reduce conflict by teaching a President, General, or rebel to:

1/ Recognise that to every force there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

2/ Use a modified “Aikido approach” to transform people who oppose them.

3/ Be responsive but non-reactive.

4/ Develop the capacity, expertise in, and desire to seek win/win—until it becomes a natural way to live.

5/ Put himself (or herself) in the shoes of others.

    • A variety of powerful exercises can very quickly transform the understanding of people who were previously bitterly opposed to each other. (And by understanding others they gain far more power, influence and success—while also becoming more respectful, appreciative and understanding.)

6/ Live up to any spiritual teachings or other philosophies that he professes to follow.

7/ Focus on his deepest underlying intention – and help him stay true to it.

    • In a storm, weak trees will fall, as will strong but rigid trees.
      But a flexible tree that has a strong foundation will weather all storms.

 8/ Stop harming himself.  (A simple yet profound exercise that demonstrates the impact of one’s life choices)

  9/ Stop killing himself.

    • Using an incredibly sensitive heart monitor, a leader can watch what happens to his heart when he’s aggressive or hateful; and compare this to when he’s understanding or appreciative.

10/  Be wisely selfish.  (We’re all pretty good at the “selfish” bit. Most of us need help with the “wise” bit.)

  - Tony Lenart,
www.PeaceAndProsperity.org, tony@peaceandprosperity.org,
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N.B. The modified “Aikido approach” is a part of Tony Lenart’s Conflict Resolution Process, as are a number of other elements listed in this thought.

P.S. The subtitle, “Some easy things a master transformational trainer can do to help a country to end wars and conflicts” refers to how simple these elements are to someone who is extremely accomplished in utilising them with very senior leaders. However, there may only be a few people in the world with this capacity.